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Some recent Cut-Out work for Kesterport Ltd.  I had to shoot 46 product shots within two working days for the Kesterport Company. It was a fast shoot rate, but we managed to get it done, by building a temporary studio in their warehouse and consquently having all the furniture on hand for a fast turn around.  The retouching of the drop shaddows was produced after the shoot to speed up the shoot days.
Just back from China! Great trip with the Vite Advertising Studio in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. I was invited out to help improve the photography style and working procedures of their 150 staff. This involved evaluating the work of their 40 photographers and 50 retouchers, then setting up new procedures to enable them to create western lifestyle photography. Their hospitality was second to none; snake and chickens feet for breakfast were some of the memorable 'delicacies', and 4 days touring that part of China with the Directors, made it a remarkable experience.

I've recently been working for Tom Schneider furniture and am very pleased to add his name to my client list. We shot in various location houses around London in terrible weather, shooting every type of table and cabinet you can imagine. If you're after some quality pieces for the home, do check out his web site.
Feeling very pleased to be booked for another two weeks for John Lewis! That will make it 7 weeks for them this year! Such a nice bunch of people to work with! :-)  All the pictures are shot directly onto their server; I shall attempt to pull some off and add the finished results on here in time.... watch this space!

Here's some new still-life work for House of Fraser; this is an ongoing project to shoot all their glassware packaging.
Angelina Glasses - Photography London
I'm just about to start a 13 day shoot for John Lewis, but thought I'd include some recent shots of the Palm Restaurant in Belgravia.... If you fancy some quality dining, do check it out!
Restaurant Furniture Photography London
Advertising Photography London
I've been working for a few new clients recently!  House of Fraser, Spacemaker Interiors, Pulleymaid Ltd, Connection Furniture and the John Warner sports centre in Hertfordshire.
The Spacemaker shoot involved transforming their Bromley showroom into a series of roomsets with the use of False wall and windows.... and just a little bit of retouching to join it all together!  Our model, Sarah did a very brave job, working at times in full view of the assembled crowd outside the shop windows!
Bedroom Furniture Photography London  Commercial Photography Hertfordshire
Office Furniture Photographer London  Advertising Photography Hertfordshire
The full size pictures can be seen in the Galleries section of this web site.
I went to a series of location houses in Kent to complete a shoot for the Pulleymaid company. As we couldn't drill into the ceilings, I had to use a combination of stands and boom arms to support the dryers; these I retouched out of the shots in post production.
Commercial Photographer London  Commercial Photographer Hertfordshire 
Furniture Photography London  Furniture Photographer Hertfordshire
A cutout shot of a Connection office module in their showroom in Clerkenwell posed a bit of a challenge. Space was a problem, with little room to put up a backdrop and very little space above to be able to light it without piecing it together in jigsaw fashion. It just took a little extra time in post to achieve the 'cutout'.
Commercial Furniture Photography London
Advertisement Furniture Photography London
Shooting in Sports centres while the public are moving around is always interesting!  Good results are achieved by shooting several pictures as 'photogenic' looking customers move onto specific bits of equipment and then piecing the room together, to get the right looking people in the right bit of the room. This was quite a crowded gym, but the jigsaw technique of cutting the right pictures together, gave us the result we were looking for!
Photographer Hertfordshire, London