Dining Set

Finished Image
The Process

Dining Furniture Photography

The picture on the left shows the finished retouched dining picture. The slideshow on the right shows the pictures that were retouched together to make up the finished shot. It's a bit like doing a jigsaw.

Not all the correct lighting for each section is achievable in the same picture; while some light in a frame is the correct exposure for the brightness of the window, the same brightness of light will burn out the detail in the table top. The answer is to light each section of the picture differently with just the right type and quantity of light, in order to bring out the best in the product, while still creating atmosphere in the room lighting.

Shot 1 is the main shot. Just 50% of shot 2 is used to stop the far chair from burning out. Shot 3 is a brighter section of the table lef and chair in the foreground. Shot 4 gives a darker exposure to hold detail in the window bars. Shot 5 takes out the top light to allow the left hand wall to go darker. Shots 6 to 8 show the window flare being taken off the table top to allow the grain of the table to show through. (The table top is then erased in section to allow 15% of the high light to come through for a bit of reality).